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IRS Customer Service on the Decrease

Posted by Admin Posted on Aug 28 2015

The IRS Customer Service was never what you would call “terrific” in the past, but within the last twelve months, it has declined even more. In the last few years, Congress has slashed the IRS’s budget. This has stemmed from Congress’ displeasure with several ways that the IRS was using their money on conferences and videos. Congress is also still very upset about the way the IRS treated various Tea Party groups that were applying for non-profit status prior to the last presidential election. The lack of funds has caused the IRS to decrease their customer service, with statistics showing that over 60% of callers unable to get through to the IRS during the tax season. In many cases, IRS employees were directing callers to the IRS website to find their own answers to their questions, instead of helping the callers over the phone. There is no increase expected to take place in the IRS’s budget for the upcoming year either, especially after Congress found out that the IRS found money in their budget to give their workers $60 million in bonuses while slashing customer service.